Can we submit Feedburner RSS feed as a sitemap?


The Feedburner RSS feed has links to all my blog’s content. These feeds crawl your blog and add new content as it is published - be it the Feedburner or the Blogger Atom RSS feed. So isn’t that what a crawler does? Can I submit these feeds as a sitemap? Using your feeds as a sitemap could have its benefits, as it would cover your entire blog’s content without having to worry about categorization and all. So why don’t people use feeds as sitemaps?


I already gave a detailed reply on what exactly are feeds and how they work. Read the following reply too:

You surely need to redirect the default blogger atom and rss feeds to your feedburner feed URL because that is the only way your readers will be able to receive your blog’s email updates through subscription. It is a must thing to do. However while submiting sitemap to Google/bing/Yahoo use the following Feed Syntax for URL:

The **redirect=false** parameter will prevent the feedburner page from loading and will instead load the Blogger’s default atom feed which contains full info that search robots require.

After you have redirected your feeds to feedburner by going to

Blogger > Settings > Other > Post Feed Redirect URL

This will force browser to show readers the Feedburner page instead of that ugly blogger atom feed. Which sounds great! But for search robots we don’t need to show it the fancy colors of feedburner page and instead we need to serve robots with the actual atom feed which gives quick crawling rate. So the parameter above will prevent the sitemap from redirecting to Feedburner.

The easiest way to create sitemaps using the Feed link is to use our Multi-sitemap Generator Tool It will auto add the parameter inside your Feed link and will also create chunks of sitemaps with 500 entries only to speedup the crawl rate.

Hope I have covered your question buddy :>