Can we set up Keyboard Shortcuts & Link Count in Blogger?


Hi Guys. Today, I wanna know, can we set up keyword on blogger? Let’s take the example of this forum, When I press g and h, latest post will open. Can we do it on blogger? As, if a visitor press a+b, then he will redirect to about us page.

Second, Link Count. In this forum, or in discourse, when we put any link and a user open it, 1 with round border appear. When two users open that link, 2 with round border appear. Can we set it up on blogger blogs?


You can surely setup keyboard shortcuts on blogger for different pages such as Labels, archives and Static Pages. This can be done using a simple Javascript where you will assign keyboard Key combination to Page URLS as variables. But why would someone do that? Do readers care for it?

For displaying link counts you need to first setup a MySQL database and then develop a script that may track user click counts and save the records in the DB. Can be done in Wordpress easily


Thanks Mohammad for your reply. I know that readers not care about keyboard shortcuts but only for information, Kindly tell me how to do this? Thanks in Advance :smile: