Can we sell our blogger blog?Does Google allow it?


Hello guys I wanted to ask about one thing that does google allow the blog admin to sell his/her blog to someone else ?? I don’t want to sell my blog but I am just asking this question for Information?

Someone told me that or blog is owned by google? If yes! Then I don’t think so that google would allow us to sell to someone.

Waiting for your answers eagerly, Thankyou Nafees Khan


I guess Google disallow it but some bloggers sell their blogs like the admin of posted a post in facebook that he want to sell his blog somedays ago. And I am not sure but I think Blogger Yard is now not of Yaqoob. So, some blogger sell their blog without setting Google know. That’s all I know.


Yes @Nafees You Can Sell Your Blog To Anyone secretly But Google Does not allow it as you are using a free platform but if you have a self-hosted site then you have full rights to sell it. :smile: