Can We Remove Blogger Attribution Link?


Is it ok with google to remove the widget from footer “Powered by Blogger” ?

I refer to custom templates and blogger teplates also !

Will Google penalty me if I remove it?Please if you really know ,answer me !

I am not willing to remove it by the way, but only for information I am kindly asking! :smiley:


No! You cannot actually remove it but most of people do it! I don’t know about some penalty!


It Totally Depends On You But We Should Respect Someones HardWork So We Should Not Remove It As Blogger is a very vast network and through it only we are able to share your thoughts to public so we should not remove it. As For Penalty I Have Seen Many sites removing the attribution and still their blog are running! :smile:


Hello @Nick , there is no problem in removing the attribution widget. There will be no penalty applied on your blog, so don’t worry about it. If you want me to just explain you how remove it, please tell. I’ll be very happy in helping you. :smile:


thanks for your answers :smiley:

I will not remove it.


@Nick, You can remove Blogger attribution link easily by removing some codes because they are not non-removable :grin:. By the way, if you want to give some credits to blogger behind your blogger blog success, but don’t like that ‘Powered By Blogger’ style attribution, you can put a small picture in the footer/sidebar of your blog with alt ‘Powered By Blogger’ with Blogger’s link. Like MBT or MBL. If you need any more help, kindly let me know. :smile:


Thanks @Shivansh How can I do this?How can I put a small image like MBT?


@Nick, I have already answered this in a different topic. You can see here. :smile:


That is a smart move. I rather not to remove it but I do use rel tag nofollow on it in a way to reduced outgoing links.