Can we have WordPress style comment system on Blogger?


Hi everybody I would like to see any improvement to blogger comments options. I think that offer two options are fair enough. Something like: comment with Google account and comment as guest (name, email, url).

What do you guys suggest? Hope Google could implement it someday.

Thank you.

P.S. I have receiving an alert averytime I try to post here a new topi . Post mus have at least 300 caracthers.

Why is that?


This is a Good suggestion MBTDAVID, But If you want this suggestion now, you can go with Disqus comments.

Kindly, Change the category from Customization to Blogger Wishlist.


hello brother dont take tension just wait for expert they will give you the best answer how to improve blogger comment



Idea sound good…!!! But its default feature on wordpress CMS. As you said name, email and website url, website url input field is optional. So you can change the blogger default comment options like,

Anonymous Google Acount user Or only registered user

Generly the above features in blogger is enough for a good CMS (Content Managment System) service.

You can also create your own comment system plugin if you are pro javascript , php, mysql user!

You must have purchased hosting wih your domain name then may be its possible. for further refrence please read motionhosting tutorial on creating custom comment form.


Hi @MBTDAVID (David),

We already have an option to opt for the name and URL. But yeah, e-mail cannot be traced that way. If you want to trace your commentator’s e-mail, name, URL, IP and also backlist and whitelist them so you shall use Disqus. It really works well and has advanced moderation tools. The disadvantage is it loads a bit slow.

@Shivansh, I have re-categorized this topic and have made the necessary changes in the Topic title as well. Thanks for pointing that out.

You might see that alert boxes if your Post has less that 300 characters. This is to make sure that your posts are descriptive when you create topics. The more descriptive you are, the better it is for members to answer you and understand your queries.

Hope this helps.

~ Rohan Chaubey.


@Shivansh Disqus is a good option too, but I like the integration of Blogger’s default commenting system with gadget.

@Tariq_aziz thank you

@mybloggertricks create my own comment system sounds great but It’s too much for me. Maybe in the future, thank you for your suggestion. I’ll check the link you recommend.

@Rohan I liked what you said, It’s true we have Name/URL but it’s nested to anonymous and I don’t like anonymous. Is it possible to separate Name/URL from anonymous? If yes, let me know. Thank you for re-categorization and title chages, I apoligise for this.


Hmm this is true but if you want this feature now, then you have to use Disqus commenting system. Second option is vicomi commenting system for blogger. This commenting system is new and have many features. or wait to for blogger team to implement this feature on their comments. If you wanna know that how to add vicomi comments on blogger, then visit here


Hi @MBTDAVID (David), I appreciate you replying to all of us. Glad you liked what I said.

Name and URL is a completely different option and posting comments Anonymously is completely different. If someone opts for the Name/URL to comment, you can click on their name to visit their sites. And if someone prefers to be an anonymous commentator then you cannot trace their sites and name. I hope this is what you were asking for?

No need to apologize. We know you are a new member and it will take some time for you be comfortable with the forum guidelines.

Have a nice day ahead.

~ Rohan Chaubey.