Can We Create a Login option in blogger blogs?


Can a website been made in blogger with login option so many fake users can be restricted, using which readers may log into to get access to features just like we do on this forum. I would really appreciate if you could guide me how to create a login or sign up registration system i blogger


No, Any Blogger Blog can never be made with login option. Because It itself is a Blog, Not Website!


We surely can!

If you allow Gmail users to post comments on your blog then you can add a login option that will provide access to log into Blogger using a new window, once this is done the user can then post comments on your blog.

But if you wish to create a separate section with restricted access then you will need to add that functionality on a sub-domain because currently blogger does not allow direct access to database or creation of custom databases for storing user login details.


Can you say in details with image or videos so it may help us to understand it easier


How about Blogger followers widget, there’s a sign in button there. So only guest who already join your blog who can comment your article :smile:


Mohammad bhai, I want to ask you some questions, it seems you are talented enough to answer all… please help to solve my queries…as I am not from IT background and no much knowledge of coding etc…

My questions are :

I am building online store with the help of template in blogger, now I want users to make their account in store and not to add their address every time…so can you please provide coding of login feature for blogger? and how can I store their data to relogin them easy again?

mybloggertricks is blogging made on google blogger right? If yes then login system what I followed in, how it is possible? You said we can do it by sub domain… So I think yes “ask.mybloggertricks” is subdomain… so can I purchase domain and subdomain from godaddy? then in sub domain How to configure this login service…

My whatsapp num is 07405382191 please message me there if you feel comfortable…

Thanks in advance Yakin Rehmatwala