Can we Change Blog post permalink structure


The blogger usually publishes post with the publish date format like “”. Can i have a flexibility with just having post-url without date structure, as we have in wordpress. Desired : “”. Is there any way to make in desired format Thanks


No! This is the most biggest flexibility issue in blogspot urls compared to wordpress :pensive:


Yes i was bit sure it cant be… still any updates or any tweeks existing, so i peeked on this topic. Thanks anyways @Nafees


Welcome brother! That’s one of the reason of flexibility’s that forces bloggers to use wordpress :confused: Anyways ask more questions if you need anymore help!

~Thanx || Nafees Khan


we can only configure the permalink url text, But there is no way to changing whole permalink structure like wordpress.


@philip_justin1, Good to see you joining the forum Justin.

Sadly this is one the drawbacks of Blogger.


Same happy here to see a Ninja guy . Yes thanx for replying bro :grinning:


No.This is Not available in Blogging Feature. If You want to Make some Redirects on Blogging By Going on Settings.


As all said, you can’t change it but if you just want to give it to your friend and want a URL without dates, then you can use to create custom URLs which are easily to remember and free!


I uses blogger pages, for more flexibility. Google now gives us freedom to create unlimited pages, also you can get your pages sitemap easily (