Can we Auto Close Comments in Blogger after a Fixed Time Period?


At present Blogger editor gives us only three options to control the display of readers comments embedded below posts which are:

  1. Allow
  2. Don’t allow, show existing
  3. Don’t allow, hide existing

Is there a way I can set or schedule a date and time after which no new comments will be accepted and the comments box will disappear? Is it possible in blogger using some widget or javascript hack?

I received too much spam on my blog and I wish to disable the comments form after a fixed time period or after a fixed number of comments are posted based on comments count. Kindly help!


I wish that was possible in blogspot blogs samurai but it is a feature which must be added to Blogger Wishlist instead. You will have to manually close comments. There is no possible method to apply this hack because Blogger allows no access to its core sever files written in python. To develop a custom script for this requires official access which only blogger team can. I must say you brought up an idea of a great feature which is extremely unique because the idea of Auto-Closing Comments is new and not implemented on any blogging CMS tools so far not even Wordpress. I guess you offered them with a brilliant new idea! :star2:


That is so sad! :cry:

I wish I could auto close the comments. I so badly need that. Anyways thank you for finding the idea useful, I too wish this feature to be added in all blogger powered blogs. Thank you mohammad for always promptly replying my queries.