Can someone report and shutdown your site?


Can someone shutdown or report your blogger hosted website ? i have a blogger blog with a custom domain and someone is saying that he will report and take down my site. my blog is about free downloading games and software and is this one | he says its Illegal is there anything illegal or wrong with this site that he can take down? @Mohammad


Yes! Anyone can report your blog/website to Google but only if your blog contain copied posts, sexually explicit. Google will only process the request if he is the copyright owner of the thing your have copied.

He can also report your site to Google if you have removed the credits of author from your template but Google will process the request only if he is the owner of that template.

Example, If you have downloaded a template (Flat Mag) from templatism, then Faizan Ali (owner of templatism) can report your blog but no one except Faizan can report your blog about Credits Issue.

-Shivansh Verma Skv


The guy is not the owner or author of anything so he cannot do anything right @Shivansh??


Yes. He can’t do anything about the site if he is not owner or author of the content which is copied or removed ( credits).