Can someone help with CSS and HTML code


hi guys, i need your help in placing an extra bar on top of my blog’s menu. I want one like the blue one you can see on the picture. That one is from an external public forum that opens links within it’s website. I will post an image of how my blog looks like currently and how i want it to look like.


What I’m aiming for:

Any help is highly appreciated thanks


@Shivansh can you help? You know you’re the-go-to guy when i need help with coding :slight_smile:


Give that blog’s url please I will provide you the codes :smiley:


That would be awesome @Nafees Here’s the url


@Alberts, its easy! Just use your mind and knowledge. You just need some knowledge of CSS (by using position:fixed) and HTML. No JavaScript is needed. I can create that like bar in some time but this time, I am busy. I will give you the CSS and code today but not now (10:00 PM). Nafees is also a good developer. I think he will create the code before me. But I will give you the exact code within some hours.

By the way, Can you tell some things?

  1. Do you want to hide it on Homepage?
  2. What color you want?
  3. What font you want? (I recomment Oswald)
  4. You want that close button?
  5. What work should I give to that star at the bar and the arrow at the bar in left side star?


Nice of you to reply @Shivansh, I expect that you’re busy so no hurry on your part. Well I’m still teaching myself CSS and HTML (Only had visual basic in college :frowning: ) so i still need some time to work on it. To answer what you asked:

  1. No, i don’t mind having it on all my pages.
  2. Same color as the one in the image (I understand i can change that with html color codes)
  3. I will take your recommendation :smile:
  4. No close button
  5. If i could have a facebook like button and twitter instead (too much demands?)

Thanks man


Thanks for the fast reply and sorry for the late reply. Now, I have one more question:-

  1. What will I should show in place of comments count in homepage? (because homepage have no comments and title also). I would suggest you to hide it on Homepage.

and yeah, I will place that but not buttons. But just simple sharing link by which, your visitors will be able to share you blog with a click!


that’s a great point you raised there. I was a bit unsure about the comments because i’m now using disqus so im not sure that would work.

But if it can, then it only makes sense to not have it on the homepage.



@Alberts, after spending some minutes, I have created the widget that you want. Here’s the screenshot:-

If any other thing is needed, please tell me. And one more thing! If you are looking for the codes, then they are not here. They will be at my blog tomorrow because I think, if you are using disqus comments, then you will have to do some extra work that I will explain tomorrow on my blog. I think you are already familier with my blog. isn’t it? :smile:


hahaha, your blog looks awesome with that on, i should copyright it and have you pay me :slight_smile: (kidding)

We have a lot of unfinished business and yes i’m familiar with your blog. I’ll be promoting one of my blog posts tonight so if by any chance you have some free time could you please help me get it up in time for my promotion?

I’m heading over to your blog, catch me there…