Can Someone Design a Logo?


Hello Friends. I hope you are all fine. I need help of you. I need a good logo for my my Blog PFCI Tech! in square shape. I don’t know how to make images in photo shop. But If you you know, Can you create one good logo for my blog PFCI tech? PFCI Tech is about computer tips and tricks. So you can put some computer type graphics on logo.

Can You create? Please Help Me, @Mohammad, @Rohan, @Templatezy and all other pro bloggers.


What would you do tomorrow if you needed a second logo or some other promotional design stuff? Will you keep asking people? I suggest you spend just 30 minutes, understanding the Photoshop interface and then creating a logo, it will look not that professional at first but later shivansh you will feel too great knowing that you created it yourself! Learn and apply, that is what blogging is all about! :smiley:


Hi @Shivansh, Designing a logo is a creative work and I am sure you are so creative and talented that you can make your own logo with some help.

Talking about Photo Shop, It is a great tool and here in this forum Mustafa sir suggested me to use it too. If you find photoshop difficult for you, you can take help of some simple online services or tools for now at least. And later when you master the skill of using photoshop you can create your logo using it.

Before you start designing your own logo keep the following things in your mind:

  1. Do not use common graphics in it. Try to make it unique which would be different from any other design available on web.
  2. Use good fonts but not too many.

Let me know if you need any help or suggestions. Feel free to drop me a PM. Thanks.

– Rohan Chaubey.


@Shivansh you can use if you are still beginner, and dont know more about Adobe-Photoshop. With Ipiccy you can create different type of logo, like, having png background, circle, star style, and much mores. Number of logos are created by us with the help of ippicy. you can try yourself too. thanks.


Thanks! I will try it! :smile:


@Shivansh You have deleted PFPCL tech but if you want a logo for another blog than feel free to P.M me .


tell me brother i know little adobe i can make simple logo and picture just tell what should i write in logo