Can somebody explain me about this error with Google Webmaster tool?


Please find attach the image for your reference.

Please help me out in this. I don’t know whats wrong with this.

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  1. Visit

  2. Enter Your Blog Address in panel available in left side and then click on Fetch.

  3. After some time, a report on your blog structure data is shown in left panel. (In your case your blog template doesn’t use hatom structure correctly)

  4. That’s it.

For your kind attention - This error is shown when blog template has missed some required rich snippets tags. Which leads to incomplete structure is being shown to search bots.


Robin Singh


@syncboost Thanks for the info. But how to overcome this issue? and is this issue going to affect my SEO? Please advice.


Rahul Dixit



Can you Please Post your Blog Address here. So that We can check out, What tags are not present in your blog template. It Effects Your blog SEO, if not used properly.


Robin Singh


Sure my blog url is

Thanks for your help in advance!





hey buddy,

I Have Checked your template with data structure tool. It looks like that, rich snippets tags are not presented in it. Also no error was showing for Hatom.

Now follow Below steps -

  1. Login to your google webmaster Account and select your blog.

  2. Follow Step As per image this image

  3. Now Follow this image to download CSV file containing Error

  4. Send this file to my mail id. I have send a private message to you with my email id. Just check your inbox. Alternatively, you may copy-paste some entries here, if errors were same for different posts.


Robin Singh


I also have the same error: “Missing: author, Missing: updated”



Can you post your blog url here ? So that, I can check it.

Alternatively, you have to be correct your blogger template on your own. Just google for this error.

This error is faced by many bloggers, because they use custom templates, which are not even complied with standards. (The Most of author of Custom Template claims to have SEO optimized, But actually not. Because, they spent hours to design it, but not to comply all standards. So that, some loop holes are always inside them.)

Designing a blogger template, Which complies all of Standards and have all the latest technology within it, is most laborious task. (It takes lot of time).


Robin Singh


i have that same problem with blogposting errors too this is my url


Will this affect google search rankings?



This Tag Will affect SEO because this tag is used to convey information about when a indexed page is updated by author. If it is missing then Search Bots may consider your post too old on the basis of published date.


Robin Singh


Please help me to solve these issues…See the attached image. The errors are showing on Structured data testing tool.


try this link it might help you


My blog is verified on webmaster central but its not verified on search console


@_ RobinSingh, @ Mr Rahul

can any1 assist me.


Thanks problem solved…


how did you should your problem can you please let me know so that i can fix mine tooo awaiting your reply on this


Just the follow my above link I may not sure it may work to you



Your Blog is not existed…

Are you have provided correct URL ?


Robin Singh



Visit this URL and modified your template according to it. It Will Help You.


Robin Singh