Can i Use Infolinks and Google AdSense Together?


Can i Use Infolinks and Google AdSense Together?

i have confusion :confused: in using both adv networks at same time in my website.

please clear my Confusion Friends and which adv network is best for earning in 2015? I am looking for a suggestion on which ad network pays high and is trusted


@mskian U can use both together, no problem with it Go ahead

and I u asked which is best and the answer is Google Adsense is better than Infolinks


if you use both it will effect your website the best thing you have to ask from muhammad or rohan and lemme tell you infolink is not good for earning it is my thinking and it is suspicious for some antivirus you had better to use google adense


Yes you can use both but I personally don’t recommend infolinks and neither do trust their algorithms.

AdSense is surely the mosted trusted ad network. You can also use ads by yahoo in parallel.

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@mskian You can use Infolinks & AdSense together. & I agree with @Mohammad point here. Infolinks works but it takes away users for just few cents. Instead use Viglink or skimlinks. Works great if yu are using commerce keywords in your blog posts.


@Mohammad thanks for personal advice :pray:


@denharsh thanks for suggestion #Harsh viglink vs Skimlimks??? which adv network is best for earning ??


@Tariq_aziz thanks for your Caring buddy :smile:


@Rajkumar thanks Raj yaaa adsense is best for earning.


@mskian Both are good & almost similar. It all depends on what commerce keywords you are using & that will define which one is better in your scenario. I would recommend put both of them for 15-15 days & see which one is working out best for you.