Can I report someone who is violating copyrights?


Hello Guys,

Today I was Browsing to install some custom roms on my phone so I was browsing and I found a Blogger Site which is using someone’s template without giving appropriate Credits. So this is Wrong So Can I report the Template Author for this illegal activity???

I don’t want to mention the blog,it may harm someone’s reputation or feelings.


This Topic/Thread might help: How to Prevent My Content From Being Copied?

I would say if it isn’t your site or someone is not stealing your intellectual property so stay out of it.


I don’t think you can report someone who is violating copyrights if you are not any part of the blog/website (author, editor or admin). Google require this. :frowning:


I don’t want to report it to Google or DCMA / Common Attributes I want to Report/Inform the Author of the Template that his work is been used illegally


Hmm then you can inform. Their is no issue in just informing the owner. :smile:


So go and inform the author or the original developer. There is no harm in doing that.


well, the blogger probably bought the template, so if he/she has bought it and have license, i don’t see what’s wrong… this is between the blogger and the template creator. you can ask both parties if you want to put your nose in between.


Bro but in the source code I can see //Free Version\