Can I Publish Customized Widgets On My Blog?


Good Morning Bloggers. Today, I see a Floating Contact Us Widget on Naman’s Blog, Taken from MBL. I see and Customized it on my way.

I have customized from:


So, Can I Publish My Floating Widget on my blog? Is it copy?

Naman’s Blog-

My Blog-

You can see these widget live in those blogs because I installed my contact us widget on my blog and none customized widget is live on naman’s blog.


Yeah you can. It will not be a copy as it is given free on MBL.


Yes @NamanKumar I also think that there is not any problem in using this widget. And this widget is also very cool. Use it on your website, it will look good.


Hi @Shivansh, I guess there is no harm in doing that as the codes are available publicly with the intent for readers to use. Looks great! :slight_smile:


you are very good boy i admire you but when you post in your blog or any other place like (MBT Forum ) choose the best thing just like very new and creative and it should be New and good for common people like me thank you hope you dont mind i always wait for something special and new


I Don’t think it is a Copy, Its a nice IDEA to sharing widgets and Improving view and Ranking. I think this is only the exclusive features for MBT Forum Users who have grate platform to Improve skills.


I also have a question of this category… Can I publish blogger templates on my blog after customizing completely. I mean, if I download a template from another website, customize it and then publish it on my blog for my blog readers.


I Think it will be Piracy if you remove Copyrights, Instead put Source link in small end of the page to overcome it.


No, I’ll not remove links of source website from bottom.


@saadwasil, I think you can publish blogger templates that you customized fully. but customize its every thing. Like widget, sidebar, footer and also post area! like changing font, font size. Also customize its blockquote. But mainly you have to customize the color of that template.Like, for example, you can view this template. This template is customized by me. Its flat mag but I changed its color, footer, header and also post area.


I strongly don’t recommend you @saadwasil to publish other’s blogger templates on your blog without giving them credits, even after coustomizing them completely. Just think if someone just change the icons of Microsoft Office Products like- MS WORD, MS- Excel, MS- PowerPoint, ETC and then sell them in market as his own product, will it be legal?


naman, he is asking that if he customize the template fully.

You can publish that template your blog but put at least one credit link at footer to respect the hard work of creator. Because that person created the template from starting and you have only changed his clothes. :smile:


Yeah, then he might also get content violation notice from the creator as you got. I still don’t recomment to do this. But if still anyone wants to publish such templates, he must get permission from the creator and then only publish it on their blogs.