Can I Learn by setting up a Blog to practice on?


This may be a ridiculous question. How can I get hands-on experience without having to come up right now with my 5-year business plan. Is it possible for me to set-up a “Practice Blog” officially? I’m a painter, so I need to get hands in there to see what works and what doesn’t while I continue to study about Blogs/Blogging/Programming/Java and all the rest. My apologies if this is redundant. I did a search for this.


You can either use or Blogger or other blogging platforms for Hands on experience for free.

And you can also Setup WordPress on cloudways as they offer 3 days free trial so you can try that.


Start by setting up a free blog with wordpress or blogger, before you start posting watch some video tutorials, videos are the fastest way to learn and understand, also search for blog post by Hubspot about “Glossary: 39 Blogging Terms to Know”.

Commitment is very important to be a successful blogger, give yourself a target eg. 1 blog post every day. spend 30 mins daily on learning about blogging, html, css, programming etc. It is very important to learn about keywwords and meta tags before you start writing blog content. Integrate social media and image sharing on your blog.

Tip: There is a lot of customization you can do with free blogger, like templates, CSS, layout, scripts, widgets etc. but with wordpress you cannot do much with the free version.