Can I host my Blog on a Subdomain?


Hi i am maintaining a tech blog with custom domain


And i have government jobs & materials.Is it a good thing by creating another blog and using subdomain


For better understanding only i have replaced “.” with “,”

Please let me know if I can host the other blog at the subdomain Thank you.


I think this is not so much a good idea because if your domain will be bloggertricker or, so your visitors will not be able to understand and also search robot will not understand your blog niche.


That is surely Possible and Many of my clients have setup pages for jobs using subdomains so you can surely host your blogger blog on a subdomain and deal it as an entirely different blog or webpage

Since most of your visitors are from search so it won’t make any difference as long as you have provided good navigation for your readers by connecting the two blogs fairly good


Thank you .Whether the subdomain traffic goes to main domain or the subdomain will make bad effects for main domain traffic . Awaiting for your reply, Thank you.


Thank you for the reply.I have once again asked about the traffic of subdomain and domain in mbt forum.


Of course you can can link to your domain and subdomains. Traffic will come directly from search and it will be dependent on the content on each domain.

Take an example of how we reciprocate traffic from blog to forum and forum to blog. Same goes for services page


Thank you for providing information about domains.