Can I edit my blog post title after publishing?


I want to write a blog post title which I was published 3month ago. So can I edit this title? What effect happen on search engine by editing this title. Need help, please tell me if you guys have suggestion. also tell me is’it bad for seo or not i want more discussion abot this topic so please if you are know then please tell me.


Yes you can surely edit published posts in blogger but editing title of a post after publishing it will surely affect SEO of the post as search engines have indexed the previous title of the post but you will be able to see the changes after weeks and i suggest you to resubmit the post in search engine console after editing the title which will help google to recrawl the new title.

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you said resubmit the post search engine console mean after editing need to use fetch url system to make change serp on search engine bro?


Yep You Got That !

ReSubmitting The Post In Search Engine Console Will Help Google To Recrawl The Post Fast And Change The Post Title In SERPS .


this trick is totally safe / have chance some kind of illegal activity. i mean people do this trick to change post title . what ? please explain bro.


Yes this trick is safe .

Here are the steps to resubmit your post ulr -

1- Go To

2- Find Your Blog And Click On It

3- Click On Crawl And Then On Fetch As Google .

4- After that you may resubmit your post by adding the url in the url box and clicking submit.


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Hi I have 1 doubt what about the permalink can we change that too according to title we have changed.


No Blogger Does Not Allow To Change The Post Url After Publishing It !

You need to create new post for a new url in blogger . :wink:


Thank u Very Much for ur reply as iam new for blogging this is very usefull information…


@Nitishk @Kavili_Sridhar

You can change Permalink of any post in Blogger even after publishing post. I have do this in past for one of my blog post to keep out one spam site (Which generates more than 100 backlinks to my site). That time, i am not much aware about Disvow tool.

But, for the SEO point of view, this should not followed and encouraged because after changing permalink. You can get your blog in trouble because it generates unnecessary not found crawl error and Page Authority & Domain Authority are badly impacted.


Robin Singh


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Yep that’s what i have said that if somehow you’re able to change your post url then it will surely affect the blog’s ranking in the serps of the posts and it will take time to fetch the new url again !


Yes, it is very frequent and common question, but yes, you can do this. Any time you can change your blog title or update any other things in a single post after publishing it, but remember that, it was so lazzy, and it will affect so much on your SEO factor. So first of all add title smartly and if any time you want to edit it, then first of don’t do that, you can post new with those title. Hope you understand ! ! !


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people are complaining in face book my blog post is red x its dangerous how do i solve this problem. thanks in advance waiting for your reply…:disappointed_relieved: