Can I build a profitable Micro Niche site with Blogger?


As most guides about building a profitable micro niche site recommend to use wordpress, had anyone her built a money making micro niche site with Blogspot (with a custom domain though). Can anyone build a profitable Micro niche site with Google blogger.

If anyone of you does, any tips about how to build one with blogspot would be helpful.




Thanks to join forum,

Yes, you can built a micro niche blogging with blogger which can makes money for you, But it requires lot of hard work and patience. For example check out MBT about us Page where @Mohammad describes his journey with blogger. It is well worth to read and to get inspire for serious blogging carrier. On MBT’s About Us, You can read about others blogs which @Mohammad added to his blogging profile later on after MBT’s Success (Each of them is earning too well with blogger).

Not only MBT, there are other blogs in sphere, which uses Blogger as their publishing platform.

Tip - Do Hard Work & Keep Patience and write something that is useful for readers.


Robin Singh