Can Blogger Free Hosting Support High monthly Bandwidth


Hello Can Anyone Tell Me Does Free Blogger Hosting Supports Up to 10 to 30 Million Monthly Traffic its is Possible or i need to Buy a Cloud or Dedicated Server Please Help Me tell If this Possible if I want to Host a High Traffic Blog in Blogger with a .com or .info domain Please Any one Help Me Provide me your Suggestions I Already Lost my 3 Sites Which are Hosted on A Shared Hosting by 1and1


Yes Bro It’s Google So You Can Host Your Site On Blogger Even If They Have Millions Of traffic and i have also seen many big blog which are getting 20-30 Million Page views hosted on blogger. BTW if you are having this type of traffic you should use Unlimited Word press hosting provided by many companies for very cheap :smile:


it’s good to know, but they remove blogs without notifications, they will just remove it.


It is possible to be have a blog which gets that amount of traffic to be hosted on Blogger without many issues. I have seen blogs like SpoilerTV ( hosted on Blogger platfom for many years now and they consistently get over 5-6 Million visitors per month