Can anyone take SEO audit of my blog?


Hello my dear blogger friends!
I have done all basic SEO settings of my blog including those amazing tutorials which @Mohammad published on MBT. These tutorials are about optimizing headings. Actually I didn’t apply them on my blog because when I used inspect element tool of my browser to check optimization of headings according to those tutorials, I found that on my Home page, there is no h1. h2 is assigned to post titles and sidebar titles. In the item page, h1 is assigned to post titles and h2 is assigned to sidebar titles. It means my blog has only one problem that it has no h1 on on index page i.e. home page.
But I have fixed that by using the guide of @mybloggertricks which he has told me in an old thread. How to remove SEO errors mentioned in Bing Webmasters?
So, now I want you especially experienced bloggers to take an SEO audit of my blog. My blog is www.moderntipstricks[dot]com
Please check each and every thing related to SEO



Thanks for giving me value, i am not going to audit your blog but i will suggest you an article that will be very helpful for you and after reading you can do your blog seo audit by yourself. Just do it if result fail, Then do it again, i hope you will got success.


this is a great article for seo for those person who started his own blog. and they need to focus on every points which described by Geoff Kenyon… enjoy and thanks to Mohammad. bhai