Can anyone share a Blogger template AMP


Can anyone share a Blogger template AMP

I just a Blogger template with the new standard AMP.

Anyone out there who has some free model to share?

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you can do easy by disable css like you make empty page after that change (html amp= ‘amp’) or you can read my post "how to blogger make amp" at url lomkrodsp.blogspot but my English not good and maybe you can under stand why i want to tell you ? because i read tutorial from mbt and you ofent.


Hello! I’m looking at your blog, thank you.

Ps - No one interested for loading speed and compliance with Google.


Hi, @Claudinei

I’ve prepared a complete list of best free AMP blogger templates which you can check at -


Thanks :slight_smile:


I am also looking for a best and free Wordpress Amp templates… thanks in advance