Can Anyone Help Me In Changing the Main Post Wrapper's CSS?


Hello Buddies! I have Created an template from scratch.

What I want to do is that i want to change the post-layout of blogger. Url of a test post :frowning:

Suggest me some layouts and please tell me how to apply it! Thanks in advance for your help! :sweat:

And Yes also I want to ask a Q: That can I post My all problems,Doubts Here?Or there is a limit?Or if someone will get irritate if i post frequently! :question:


You Can Change The Post Layout By Going To Blogger >>Layout>>Blog Posts Then Edit According to yourself.

As for problems you can ask us unlimited problems,doubts there is no limit we are here just to help others like you also we don’t get irritate to answer in fact we become happy by helping others to solve problems. :smile:

So Ask Any Questions We Are Always Ready :mask:


Thnku Bro! But i want some layouts as I am not getting the right one the internet I simply mean that give me the code and tell me where shall i insert it :grin:


See There Are Many Layout Options Available In Many Templates So Please Tell Me What Type of widgets do you want in your post layout.


here in this template there is a layout which i love a lot so I want this type and as my template doesnt have sidebar means it is full width So please help me by providing the code and to adjust it as per as the width of my design

TYSM Please help me :blush:


Hellow @Nafees what you can do is implement the gridy template which is freeware from soratemplates that will be best and most easy step for you also if you want to add gridy template style layout then first you have to take permissions from the template author as i searched it and the layout style is only available in this template so better download this template and then customize it. :smile:

You Can Download It From Here-


Brother! I created this template myself and I dont want to give up! :wink: I know it is copyrighted by Sora and if we implement it,it would be infringement! You Can help me by providing a similar layout if possible :smile:


As A Web-Developer I Can Give You The Layout but it will be dangerous for you to implement because sora can report to google our anywhere leading to Blogger account suspension so it’s your choice. As For Similar Layout their are no layouts available on internet you can only customize layout with many widgets. :smile:


Okay Thanx for the help but i will still try to do something if I can play with the CSS :wink: Thankyou for your response May be some other blogger may help me if he/she has his own ideas :smile:


Always Welcome @Nafees Bro :heartpulse: Thanks :smile:


I am confused. Do you want the whole design of ‘Gridy’? I mean sidebar & post wrapper (where post is displayed). If yes, then you have to do lots of hard work. Like adding the same page navigation, same read more scripts & CSS too.

Can you upload your template and give it to me (through PM). I will install the required scripts & CSS and will give it back to you. :smiley:

And, you can undoubtedly post your template questions in this forum without limit. But to get answers from expert fast, create a topic with name ‘Need Some Template Editing Help’ and there, list all your problems one by one because I know, when anyone creates a template, a question & problem come in his/her mind in every next minute. So just list them in one topic! :blush:

P.S. I have changed the title of topic.


Now I have just dumped that Shi* template created by me As it its I want to become a blogger not a designer but i Wont loose hope and I will create a new template :wink: