Can any noble man examine my site and guide me why no traffic is coming? And plz tell me why traffic is coming?


Hello Muhammaed and dear friends, I have been working on a site for over 9 months, Someone motivated me to work on a website because i have no job. But after 8 long months, it has only 100 visitors per day or less. Now i want someone to check my site and give me some useful tips to increase my site’s traffic as soon as possible as i worked hard on it. I have no instructor or skilled person to help. please help me and instruct me. Your Candid Companion, Asif Ali


Hi @Pakitalki (Asif), We are time and time again asked questions on this blogger forum the reason why traffic isn’t coming to their blog. The best answer lies with you.

Seeing your blog, it seems to be a multi-niche blog. And there are lots of things on which you can work on to improve it.

Below I am quoting some of theanswers we have received on bringing traffic to your site. Not writing the same again as we have discussed this already. Tho a few things might differ for you.

I think you will find too many tips to increase your traffic by reading all the posts that I have quoted here.

To know more about the improvements on your blog you can create a separate section under “Reviews” category to get your blog reviewed by others. Hope this helps.

-Rohan Chaubey.