Can a post be published on Blogger using Microsoft Word?



Is there any way that i can publish my post on blogger via Microsoft Word? I mean they do have that facility, But every time i try to connect blogger with microsoft word, an error message shows up! I badly need to use microsoft word as i post educational content and hence i need to make it interactive and lucid as much as possible. Can anyone please solve this problem? Or suggest me any better software or website where i could write my content and post via google.

P.S - The reason why i sidelined blogger’s posting is I need to know lot of HTML things before i can make it look awesome and attractive.

Please help me!


Use Windows Live Editor :smile: It Will And Is Best For You :wink:


Yah! But it make things attractive like how Microsoft Word 2013 does?

And when i did try to login, as always it said Invalid username and password. Please help me out bro!


Please Try to read that post

Step By Step Guide, How to Connect Windows Live Writer with Blogger


Hassan! Thank you! <3 But i found out how to write contents on Microsoft word and PUBLISH it through BLOGGER!

Thanks for all the support!