Can a new Google AdSense account be created after once disabled?


Hello Friends. My Adsense is disabled of my blog PFCI Tech. Now, I want a new adsense account for my new blog (Blogger Guiders). Can I create a new account? Or How can I create a new account? What are the needs? I have heard several times on internet that It is impossible and If i create a new account, My adsense will again disable. Any tips?


if you had a adsense account what is the problem you can create again like before you did one thing is very necessary for adsense you have a blog more than old 6 month traffic should be good and other things i read on somewhere i forgot and earning from adsense or other things are very hard


Thanks @Tariw_aziz for your reply but adsense not allow to create two accounts.


ohhhhhhhhhh that is the thing i forgot to tell you and let me give you advise you can create account from any one of your family member


@Shivansh why you do not try to make using the same account? before I have adsense account approve, I have tried to make more than 20 times on the same account then approve. just trying to qualify from adsense


@Shivansh, you can easlily create a new google(adsense) account for your blog Blogger Guiders.But keep in mind:

Now how to create a new account:

  • Go to earning section in blogger dashboard (Blogger Guiders)
  • Sign up for adsense. Now Blogger + Google Adsense page will open
  • Choose for the option “No, create a new Google Account”.

Google will guide you further.

Now comes the main question, will your account be disabled again?

No, actually your adsense account has been disabled for your blog PFCI Tech, if you’ll create a account for PFCI Tech again, then your account will be disabled again. But now you are signing up for a new blog (Blogger Guiders), nothing such will happen, till you follow adsens’s terms and conditions.


I Have a Trick Here, Google Adsense application refused once on your current mail ID, so here you can create a new admin account for the same blog:
How :

  1. Create a new Google email Id
  2. Add it in Authors list (blog admins)
  3. Give full permissions to new account (i mean admin rights)
  4. Post 1 or 2 new Posts with New Account/Admin
  5. Now apply for Google adsence with new mail id for the same Blog/website

This time before you Apply for Adsense, please follow minimum accept criteria. those @NamanKumar already suggested above.

All the Best…!!!


Thanks @Namankumar and @chinnilax. I have to apply for adsense from new computer?


No Need, They never track you system Mac or IP Address. Don’t worry…!!! :smile:

You can apply from same Computer… :floppy_disk:


Huff! Now I got relief because now my blogger blog is getting some traffic and I want to earn with it. But I will apply for Adsense after 6 month as Mohammad suggested. Thanks Again!


You cannot fool the Adsense system so easily. When your account is disabled by adsense, they don’t disable your email account from adsense but ban you website on the adsense system. You can still use adsense on the website by changing its domain but if you’ll change the domain, you will loose everything- traffic, followers everything, but yeah you’ll website will still be considered more that 6 moths old if it was earlier. So @chinnilax your trick will not work


Naman, My Blog is new (2 Weeks) So I can use this trick. :smile: and is not banned by Adsense


You need not use that trick. As using that trick will not cause you any difference. If you’ll go by the trick, which @chinnilax suggest you, then you will make a new goole account and then add it to your blog as an author and then you’ll sign up adsense with that account. But it doesn’t matter to google whether the account you have have used for adsense is linked with blogger or not. Thats why you can simply go by the way I said you.


Actually No! I have to create a new Google Account because when i try to create a new adsense with same email I get this message:

You are currently signed into the Google Account, which is either not an active AdSense account, or still pending an approval. This account cannot be used to monetise your content.

That’s why I have to create a new Google account for creating a new adsense account.


when you

New page will open. On that page look at the top right corner. From there sign out from your signined account. Then you will get option to create a new google account.


Hi @NamanKumar, I Personally Faced this problem for my Old Blog, that time I used same trick and approved by Google. :smile:

I Shared my personal experience, there is no blind trick.


Adsense is a billion dollar company and it is quite impossible to fool it. They have full info of your online activity. Since half of all your accounts are associated with Google like webmasters, Analytics, Feedburner, Google+, Blogger, Youtube, how can you change all these accounts for a new Gmail ID. They can track you down instantly through IP address

Your idea could be a smart solution and to make it more secure you can add your new Gmail account to your blog and then grant it full admin rights. You can then delete the old gmail ID and start operating the blog from this new ID. Make sure the new Gmail ID you create must not contain your same Residence address and Mobile number as the previous one. But what if Adsense has blacklisted the domain too? This idea will fail instantly

What is the Safe approach?

Safe Side is to always wait when you reach the minimum requirements for qualification and then reapply for adsense by clarifying your stand well that you will respect their TOS.

I had written a tutorial back in 2011 but I don’t suport it now

:link: Read: Lost Adsense? How to get it back!


@Tariq_aziz What you said is wrong. I just approved For Adsense in 20 days without having any traffic


@Shivansh Google Adsense is the best way to monetize the Blog. But once if your a/c is disabled hen you can never ever get it back. The question here is can I get a 2 Adsense approval for single Blog??

Yes you can but, you need to have two high authorized emails like OR

If you have an emails like above you can get approved for two Adsense accounts If one A/C blocked you can use another one.

But getting approval from Adsense is some complex task you need to have certain requirements to did it

If you want further information kindly read here


thanks @Rajkumar. But I tried and got Another Adsense Account on another Gmail ID. Thanks To All For Help