Can a "Live Chat Widget" in Blogger Cause Deletion of Your Blog?


Dear, @Mohammad

Method 1

I would like to add live chat box on to help my readers live and instantly.

But i am being afraid of adding it, because once (abdul wali) added the live chatbox and thus his site deleted immediately. Thats is now running on WP.

So, whats your recommendation should i add chat widget or not. if yes, then which chat box should be added, because thousands of online chat box widget available.

Method 2

A Simple Trick for Adding Live Chat without worry of Deletion ?

Also let me know, if i play a little trick for this, Let me clear,

For Example:

I added the live chat box in ordinary blogger site. like and then redirect it to my official site by creating a page in my site with name onlinechage and then use MBT script for it same as demo pages. Example here.

So, i would like to know from that should i add it directly to my site, or do it via the second method.


Hello Templatzy, Actually when blogger deleted my blog having a custom domain ( I then investigated about what could be the possible reason, the possible reason I could find was the “Live Chat Box” which I installed the same night and the next morning my blog was deleted. But this might not be 100% percent correct. And my blog was deleted on 22 April, 2013, so now it may not be the case. But @MohammadMustafa can give the best answer to this question.



Hi @Templatezy, You have started an interesting topic. But are you sure that blog was deleted because of the live chat widget?

If yes, which Google policy was violated by adding up an online live chat widget? What’s wrong in that? It would be great if you could clear this.

@onlineustaad, I have never faced any deletion. I have a question for you; Don’t they provide a reason for deletion?

-Rohan Chaubey.


I also want to know. I was designed a Blogger Template named “The Next Web Clone” and it has inbuilt Live Chat Feature for all Template Users. The template used by many popular site and the site’s still alive with Template & Chat.


Wow Great @HarmanSinghHira. That sounds like a good news! Thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile:


I don’t believe adding a chat widget or plugin could force a manual action against you by the blogger team unless they have received too many DMCA complaints against your blog or your blog is found violating their TOS.

A Chat plugin can only be a cause of such action if it installed malware on your blog without you knowing it.

Malware is short for malicious software, is any software used to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems.

I have personally used the chatting widget during the start of my blogging career and I had faced no such problems.

This is one example of a blogger blog which is amongst my first mentors and they are using a CBOX chat widget since 2007 which you can still see on their left sidebar. Check it

I would ask the same question from @onlineustaad that @Rohan asked that can he share with us the reason behind the deletion. The blogger team must have warned him before or at least informed him about such a big action.


@Mohammad and @Rohan no reason was given by blogger. Everything was going normal on my blog, and suddenly the next day, my blog was deleted with a message in Blogger dashboard like this “Your blog has been disabled by blogger automated classification system”. I then immediately started a thread on blogger support forum, and after waiting for 2 weeks, I received no response from blogger team. Nothing happened at all.



My Blog was also deleted by Blogger with same message but i was made an appeal and within 6-12 hr. my blog was back with apology from Google.


I still remember those days when you felt quite helpless and I sympathise on it. It is quite strange why no justification is given upon such a big action and this is one reason which made me extra careful in keeping a backup of my blogger blog on weekly basis

The official blogger help forum did help people but yet it also failed to address a large number of publishers and this is enough a reason to call Google’s customer service as an automated system rather REAL


Thanks @Mohammad & @onlineustaad for your kindly reply. got the point.

But for know, it would be better to add the widget in extra blog, connect with my primary site, by using the mbt script. thus no worry of deletion etc…


Yes @Templatezy , it is always good to play safe. :wink:


@Templatezy if you are adding the live chat widget then I suggest you to use this widget. Zopim Live Chat Widget

See How this widget looks on blogger site here


@AmmarAli Thanks dear, i will surely get a try with this one to check on ordinary site.


You can use live2support live chat here. I my self is using that on my website. I have now attached it to my blogging website. I am using it for last 6 years and is one of the best ever solution that I have got till now. It has a free trial of 15 days also.