Bundle of "data type=hatom" errors in webmaster tools


Hi all dear members of forum, In my webmaster tools, in structured data under search appearance, there are 7 errors in total 10 items. (data type=hatom), (source=markup:microformats.org)

All errors are missing update, missing author


Well @shahzad478, I tested your site “Blogging Money Tips” with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and it do not showing any problem.

Harman Singh Hira


@shahzad478 Dear,

Right now, i could not find the guy who asked similar question, and that i answered well, but for removal these errors it required chunks of coding to add in the template. its missing author micro data, author fan tag, etc.

You can send your template at


after editing you will get the template back.

I will provide the Coding here too, to help other readers facing the same issue.


These errors are called structured data errors which are caused when your template is missing some important microdata tags. You can easily fix this problem by reading the following posts

This tutorial for your current problem

and this forum post for displaying rich snippets and for more clarification on what microdata tags are