Browser Fonts Turned to Bold and Italic, How to FIX it?


Hi, I am in big trouble that is why I need your valuable suggestions and help to FIX this. My all browsers fonts automatically turned to bold and also italic style. Is there anyone who faced this issue? If yes then please help me to resolve it. I don’t know what happened and how it is done.

Regards, M Imran


This mostly happens on Windows OS. do this:

  • Go to your Windows Control Panel,
  • Then click on Fonts Folder.
  • Drag the “Times New Roman” and “Courier New” icon onto your desktop
  • Then drag it back onto your Control Panel Fonts window. It will ask you if you want to reinstall the Font click “Yes To All”.

This often happens all you need to do is download and replace the Courier New, Times Roman and sometimes Arial fonts. Hope this helps :innocent:


Thank you bhai jan for your reply. This problem is in browsers not in the whole OS. I tried your mentioned tip but no success. By the way, there was only Courier New font found but I download “Times New Roman” and install it but nothing happened :frowning:

Regards, M Imran


For browsers you can simply reinstall it within seconds then?


hmm, ok I will update this thread after trying your suggested idea. Thank You