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A new member here. Pretty happy with the community and its active responses to a few posts, I’ve read here.

My blog

I understand power of SEO, because I’ve witnessed it myself. A while back, I improved my Blog, with a few changes, like Loading time & title before Blog’s name and that almost doubled my views from Google, so I’m here for a few more tips for my Blog from all the members here.

  1. I have a tendency to Bold, Color & italicize important text while writing (all these things to the same line). I wanted to know, if that has a bad effect on SEO, like making the code too long or something.

  2. As I said, a while back I improved my blog, with loading time, etc. stuff. Do you have a few tips for me to make it more Search Friendly. I’m aware that little changes could bring a vast difference to the traffic, so can you suggest me any.

UPDATE: I’d like some suggestions on template changes or something, because I think my posts competition level is not good at all, not on the basis of content but on SEO.

It’ll be very nice if you could take a look at my Blog. Thank you so much for reading :blush:


Loosely - colors does not impact on search ranking, but it might be helpful to increase your conversation ratio. Bold and italic tags, you can use for long sentence, but don’t use heading tags, for a long sentence. I know you are not using it, it is only for suggestion :wink:

Strictly:- You are just wasting your time by adding youtube movies in your blog post.

Why are you mixing all the stuff. A good site is user can understand what is all about, in few seconds, but I did not get it :smile:


Thanx for the quick reply Arjun. Phew! It’'s nice to hear that Bold & Italics, do not affect the Search. Imagine the time required to edit so many posts. :smile:

About YouTube, it has improved my web presence. I’ve only added YouTube videos, to few topics and those videos are relevant to the post.

And I still need a few tips about point 2: SEO, like suggestions on template change or something. Let me tell you the reason as one layman to another, I think that a few posts of mine are not competing at all, in search. I believe that their content is good enough to if not rank number 1, but atleast number 10 on Search (I’ve read both mine & the leading posts).


if you’re interested in a template for a gaming blog then try this one


@Alberts Nice responsive theme. Do you know about a very-very light theme, with no bugs. It should improve the Search Ranking of Blog.


i can’t help you much on that but i would suggest that you keep an eye on two of my fav sources of blogger templates:

  • veethemes
  • themesexpose