Blogspot image links can cause problems?


Salam Mustafa bhai,

I was wondering that the links for the image like this, can take the page juice? i saw on MBT the all the images were without that link, so is this a problem? should we consider it or its just a normal thing since it is from the blogpsot.

for example: <img alt=“Italian pundit confirms Arsenal interest in Geoffrey Kondogbia” border="0"src=’/uploads/default/original/1X/3f36b9aaec304bc1a5b04d8ced57d6e4d09723a3.jpg’ title=“Italian pundit confirms Arsenal interest in Geoffrey Kondogbia” />
click the aboveand see a new page.

if yes, then do i have to remove it manually by going inside of all posts? or is there a way to code all together with a single line? I added this

jQuery(document).ready(function () { jQuery('a[href*="bp.blogspot"]').attr('rel', 'nofollow'); });

but it adds only once the page has fully loaded, also the seo tools are still not showing nofollow, even if i show from source code it is not showing me but shows from inspect element option. Soon will be meeting you at the office, just stuck in some work. Thanks Effendi


No these links cannot cause problem its just a normal thing in blogger.


Hello @MJFND This is not a problem generally these links come when we upload images directly in the post through blogger so i advise you to use a image hosting service for better results!! :smile:


I suggest you to remove those links. Keep links only if they add value.


@ngtechzone So for new blog posts, uploading images directly to blogger is better OR uploading to some other Image hosting site and linking it to blog posts.What are pros and cons of both (if any)