Blogging Easier [Review Request]


Hello everyone,

Here I’m comming up with my second review request. This time I ask everybody to give me a review about my new blog Blogging Easier . Its just 2 days old. I have completly dedicated my last two days to this blog. Posted 3 posts on the first day and 5 on next day. Please suggest me some chages for improvement. While reviewing my blog you can keep the following listed pints in your mind.

  • Design
  • Content
  • Readability
  • Speed Insighs (also the improvement tips)
  • SEO
  • Structure Data and other blogger tweeks

Thank you in advance.


As Your Topic’s Title, Blogging Easier [Review Request], I don’t think that you want to include [Review Request] Because it is already in Reviews Category and from that, everyone can recognition that its a review request. Now Your Review:

  • Design- You Blog’s Design is fine. But it is very disturbing that you have added you fake credits on the blog template’s footer that it is designed by you. You have only customized the template and for that, Optimized By Naman is fine.
  • Content- All post in your new blog have been posted millions times in other blogs. Floating contact box is also by mbl. Try to post some unique and new widgets or tricks/tips on your new blog that attract your visitors and to keep your visitors for a long time on your blog.
  • Readability- Your writing skills are Good. But you can improve it to better. Their are some Grammatical mistakes on your posts and also, in highlighting admin comment’s post, Try to add more than number. Like you have only written “2” in second design while, you can add ‘Second Highlighting Style’. Other thing are fine!
  • Speed Insight- Blog’s Loading Speed is fine. You can add some more font awesome icons before widget titles.
  • SEO- About SEO, I have looked at your page’s source and I found 2 descriptions and both of it are wrong. Don’t edit description as title. Just give a brief description of your blog’s post in Search Description option when publishing the post,
  • Stucture Data and other blogger tweaks- I think, You have enabled redirecting script on your blog template that redirect .in to .com right? It badly effect SEO. My advice is this, You should by a custom domain for your blog if you are serious about blogging.\

Regards, Shivansh Verma Skv


noman i want to say dont mind in advance i have already told shivansh i dont wanna repeat it and you both are good in seo template but your heart is cold you dont want to give any chance to others

you both are good in many thing so dont wast your time by posting just review my blog again try to help others and improve your skill

when ever you do anything just think if you are owner of this website what is your reaction and noman brother i already say dont mind in advance and if i hurt both you so i am sorry

  • Credits- It actually should be “Optimized by Naman Kumar And Simplified SEO”. I have done it by mistake, thanks for telling me.

  • Prevent redirecting .com into country based domain- I get to know that this method is 100% SEO friendly.


Well, @Tariq_aziz, This is his first review of his second blog. So It do not break the rules and regulations.


sorry last time he gave simplified seo review
this is my mistake


Hello @Tariq_aziz, I appriciate your concern towards the forum. But you can only say this thing to me, if I have posted many review requests. Its just the 2 second request from me and that too for different blog. Moreover if you are talking about my contribution to the forum, just see in the User Directory.


But Naman, I am unable to see the changes. :frowning:


enable?? Please elaborate what are you trying to say, I’m unable to understant it.


oh sorry that was my mistake. I want to tell you that I am unable to see the changes.


sorry i already said i did not know that


Which changes? If you are talking about the credits, I’m working on it. See it now. :smile:


Its okay :smile: Actually I had typed all that before seeing your second reply. Sorry. :smile:


Thanks for giving those guy’s hard work credit. :smile:


I have Read all the Reviews of @Shivansh and @NamanKumar. So I want to say that, You Both are using same Template that is off-course SEO Optimized Template .

And About Your Content, I, I think- First You need to Explain What We are going to do? and Why We are going to do this? Then Explain the Method.

Readability is Good, Basically It’s a Feature of Template.

Speed is also Good. It depends upon How bigger your post’s images are, So Optimized your images for web before publishing it.

Structure Data is okay.

Thank You.

Gaurav Vishwakarma


Too many empty social button. Your template already have default social button widget

And responsive view looks bad, your main wrapper and sidebar wrapper got stacked :confused:


Actually I don’t have profiles on all those websites, but only on few of them, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and 2-3 more. I’ll update the social sharing widget once I build my profiles. Thanks for the review. Can you help me with one of my post- Run a blog like CopyBlogger: Take their advice. I wanted to know how can I improve it!


Everything seems good but you should have to change the font & color of the tag line in your logo Begginers to a problogger easily also try to change the tag line replace it with some other good tag line. That’s all i now