Blogger template error while uploading


Dear Webmasters,


I have just created a blogger template that is WordPress adapted. This template working fine in my blog. I want to share this template with the other bloggers. For testing purpose, when I am trying to upload my template from the blogger’s backup/restore section then the blogger displaying a message. See below image

This template is not showing any error if I directly copy and paste the template into the template edit section.

Note: I must want the solution of this question because I want to be a blogger template developer.

Please help me.

@Shivansh, if you have a solution to this error. Can you explain me as a blog post?


Can you paste the content above <head>may be mistake is there


@VishalChopra, can you provide the template in which the error is coming while uploading it? I shall check it. I think it’s happening because of entities (it may be but not very sure).

I also have alternate ways to get ride of this error but I shall surely try to help you to directly upload it. Just give template through PM (for security).

I will soon right a post for you because it’s not have been discussed in web in many places, so, it’s unique topic this time. :smile:


if they code are working well in other blog and it giving you errors in the other then they must be a code error when copying the codes