Blogger >Template > Edit HTML hanged with openh264-win32-2706e36bf0a8b... script


Aoa Dear Friends?

I am facing a problem from many days, but due to busy in work I could not asked about it. The problem is when I try to customize my blogger template using Edit HTML option my browser Chrome is hanged and a menu appear says kill the page or wait… Similarly when i try it through Mozilla a menu popup says “debug script” or “stop script” etc…

I noticed it is due to a script name as “openh264-win32-2706e36bf0a8b7c539c803ed877148c005ffca59”. which is downloaded as “ZIP file” by my IDM meantime when that problem happend.

I try to found this script through out my template but i could not found a single instance of the stated script. I googled to search about it but i am unlucky to found any solution. Someone says it’s browser extension, but I am not sure…

Please help me to solve this problem I am very Thankful to every helper :slight_smile: My website is w w w . sorathemes. c o m