Blogger shortcode not working on posts and pages


Blogger shortcode not working inside any page or posts. Whenever i use any blogger shortcode inside page or posts by web page start showing only date and everything else on the web page gets dissappeared.

Take a lot at this page where i have used blogger shortcode to show my fb page plugin-

And this shortcode works fine in widgets and comments. Looking forward for a fix.


@Mohammad @Nafees @Nitishk @Shivansh any help?


Okay I’ve Invited Mohammad Bro in this topic , hope he’ll solve your problem :smiley:


Thnx for your efforts! Hope it get solved


Please minimize the use of jquery widgets on your blog and popup scripts. Blogger shortcode plugin also is a JavaScript based plugin and it loads best on sites with minimum JS load. I review your site and found that you are already using several scripts.


Hi ad. I’m having problems with the shortcode plugin. When I use it on the page or widgets ok. But when I use it in my blog post. Please help me. Thanks