Blogger SEO Full Information 2015 who Can Tell me?


i have a website i know SEO basic but i dont know how can increase my website traffic and how can rank my site and which step is best for me for SEO and Increasing traffic :blush: My next question is if you kindly guide me how can am create widget skin for blogger Mohammad @Shivansh


Hello @Gujjar772 Nice to see you here on this form. The question what you have asked is av open ended question.

One can write books and books on the topic. But it will never end. So it will be very difficult for anyone to give you ever info about what he know about SEO.

The thing you can do is to read different topics in the SEO settings on this forum to get more knowledge about SEO.

You can also read different posts on SEO on various blogs like MBT or others like Blogger Guidets or ngtechzone and even on mine which is Blogging Easier.

And after reading all of them if you’ll still have any doubt, you just ask it here. I’ll also share with you some great posts on SEO cia PM.

Till then stay tuned. Happy Blogging


Thankyew buddy but My next question is if you kindly guide me how can am create widget skin for blogger @NamanKumar


Widget Skin? Are you asking how to apply CSS in a widget?


I didn’t understand what do you mean by widget skin. Please elaborate.


Buddy it is quite difficult to understand or explain all things because no one can built a Ship within a day, it takes hours of efforts. Similarly you need to read tutorials for a week and practise all that you read. Here are some of the posts that will help you start.

:link: [Blogger SEO Pack - Contains All SEO basics][1]

Here is a post with tones of widgets that will help you understand how widgets are created in blogger

:link: [50 Hand Picked Blogger widgets and Plugins][2]

Read them all and then ask any further help needed through this forum :innocent: [1]: [2]:


Thankyew Sir i have another one question blogger plat form best or wordpress kindly tell me am really hard work on my site and increase traffic and catch it google rank Website :blush:


yup can you tell me that am how to create my own widget and how can learn skin css …!!!


bro I means am how to create my own widget for blogger and how can create a skin am also know the basic of html @NamanKumar


I think you might be taking about blogger templates as skins. Right?


Well, you can learn CSS by just practicing and practicing. And, if you like, you can search on In this site, every CSS codes are given with examples and try editor.


Yeah If you want to learn CSS you can learn it from there. Also once I uploaded w3schools offline version on one of my blogs. I’ll send you the link if you want. Also i recommend you to learn css html js or any other language from code academy it’s an excellent website. Try it!


Yeah, bro, i will learn and its AweSome website w3school and it’s so helpful for me can you tell me that about of SEO for blogger i know that do follow and no follow tag and you can tell me other new SEO TIP check it my site which is problem please tell me i will fix my SEO problem :wink: @NamanKumar


Have u created ur blog or website? i mean to say u want to learn CSS for ur own blog or website?