Blogger pages is not showing on my blog help


Hi guys i have a problem my blog not open any of my page like when bI click on page from menu its seeing blank only title plz help i think it’s template problem but I can’t solve it i try different times but nothing happened that’s why i come here to the community for help because many problems related to my blog solved with the help of this community


Hi I know you have probably solved this problem by now but I had a similar issue I had to open up the page in a seperate window and select the url for the page then on another window access ‘template’ and ‘edit html’ on the blogger menu when you see the html box, click on the screen and press 'CTRL and F’ this brings up a search bar… type into the search bar the title of the page which you have copied the URL for and press enter this should find and highlight the correct place in the HTML for you you will need to insert the URL into the html … it is possible there will be ‘#’ in place of where your page url should be or if you have changed your blog name then perhaps it will show the old page adress linked to the old blog name… just swap it for the correct URL of the page as it is currently click to save changes and maybe that will work for you.

Hope this helps (you or someone else) S