Blogger now Introduced Https security to blogger blogs!


Solution Posted @Shivansh , @Nafees :smile:


And @Arjunsinh_Chauhan, that solution was not perfect and your this line:

It is not because I have created a template. It is because Google have these setting and Google only have the automatically https redirect (permanent) setting for its own blog [I think so]

I have created a blogger blog with blogger’s default template and still it is not showing https automatically.

Well, i don’t think we should discuss about this topic because I can clearly read blogger team’s this para:

If Blogger Team have clearly said this, why we are discussing about it so much?


I know, but they said I must be waiting for visitor to comment on one of my posts, then it will be automatically direct to https://


@Arjunsinh_Chauhan, here, I need your attention.

The reason why Google’s main blog and Google Security blog have different HTTPS settings is because they both have now moved to HTTPS gradually.

We’ll also be moving some of our own blogs over to HTTPS gradually, beginning with the Official Google Blog and the Google Online Security Blog.

This is in this post by Google security. I hope, now all your confusions are cleared.


Its going bump over my head!!! There’s no post out which can clear my misunderstandings :frowning:


Bro, you are just wasting your time by continue to this discussion.

Most of blogger complaints, they have enable https in blogspot domain, but it is not redirected, so both http and https version are available, so to prevent that type of duplicate issue, we need to add canonical link tag with https URL. But if you already know about template code, then you have surely have idea about this code.

 <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

This single line add RSS Feed, Canonical Link tag, Post meta description etc. So there are no any customization facility to add our custom https canonical link tag.

While if you see Google official some blogs, then you will see, they are using https with canonical link tag, but normal blogger can’t use it, I don’t know why.

So It is good idea to don’t use Https in blogger blog, If your blog is not redirect automatically from http to https or you can’t use https canonical link tag. That’s it.


Hi It will be great if we could use https over custom domains. it is very vital for me and others in countries with censorship over blogger and blogspot! i dedicated a domain name to my blogger blog and bypassed this filtration but some contents like comments and thumbnail images in dynamic view templates have problems. Using https protocol can overcome this problems. but this capability is not available for custom domains. I’m waiting for it. i described this in this post: “!topic/blogger/yYTBgddOWls;context-place=mydiscussions