Blogger Not showing posts on homepage


Hello, I need help I upload 20 images to my post and then published it. But when I go to my homepage what i see that only that only one post is showing. And when I delete that post which have 20 images then the homepage become normal. I want to fix that issue. please help me. I have tried my best but all in vein. I hope that I should get help from this forum


Bro This Happening Because Yo Are Not Using Jump Break Feature In Blogger. So Add The Jump Break Just After Few Lines In Blog Post And Then Tell If It Works Or Not :smile:


wow! very very much thanks ngtechzone… You have solved my problem really very thanks. You know, I have wasted my whole day to fix this problem. do lot of coding but can’t. And now, it has very simple solution :stuck_out_tongue: very thanks.


Always Welcome @maherafrasiab :smile: I am always here to help bloggers :smiley:

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Good Luck :blush: