Blogger Layout option showing widget overlapped


Dear Sir / Madam,

Blogger Layout option showing widget overlapped. Because of that can’t able to edit the widgets. Now a days these kid of changes showing all the blogger topics. Let me know any changes happened on blogger recently.

Could u please help me to resolve this issue.

NB:I can’t able to upload the images here.


I Think Your Blogger Layout Really Need A Div Clear Code Like This

  <div style="clear:both"/>

Am i Sure? @Shivansh @Mohammad @Param35 @Nitishk


@paaris_sohail Actually Blogger Layout option is totally depends upon the template coding and if it works properly before and now he is facing problem with the same template design then …do u realize blogger has changed the blogger dashboard section width?

I think he is facing problem because blogger has changed the dashboard look. :slight_smile:

If I’m wrong @jubeljoy then please upload a screenshot.


Thanks for the replay.

You are right param. This happened all of sudden after Blogger dashboard changed. Let me know how to overcome this.


Which template you are using? Are you expert in playing with codes in your blogger template? If you are expert then you can get rid from this otherwise change the template which looks perfect on your blog without facing problem with blogger layout section.

You can use Viral Grid-Mag Blogger Template which is designed by me. :slight_smile: If you have buy this template which you are using right now then contact with the developer of template and share your problem with him/her.


Let me which code change will reflect blogger dashboard. Please provide one example.


Not only one bro. :slight_smile: You have to change header wrapper, main wrapper, sidebar wrapper and footer codings to make it perfect for you. So you can’t fix it by changing only one thing. Please upload a screenshot to give me an idea what problems you are facing and also send your template to me via email hope I can fix it for you.