Blogger keeps freezing whenever I try edit template


Whenever I try edit my blog’s template, my browser freezes & i have to close. I’ve posted on google’s blogger help forum, thought why not post here aswell.

I’ve changed browsers, no luck still: Opera, chrome & mozilla

Reinstalled windows, tried to edit on friends computer still freezing

Problem is not with template as when I use the same template on my other blog it doesn’t show any problem, any solution?


This is not a familiar problem! I don’t think some one here can help you. May be you should try google’s official blogger forum!


Ive posted on there as well, lets see what happens now :frowning:

Update: I bookmarked the editor, I can edit when I go directly to editing but my site freezes when I try to go by going to blogger’s website then clicking template editor etc so having to use bookmark for now


I already had noticed the same issue me too .I had problem and frozen blogger editor when I had an wrong script in my template . In my case the issue was a bad javascript of random post widget . when I remove it ,I solve my problem .If you have a backup template try it and see if is working…if not try to remove one of the time your template recent changes. I hope I help you a little.


@Nick, he said the template is working on other blogs.

@Zeeman_Memon, I think its a problem with your blog’s account. It never happened to me. :frowning:


Ok so u r telling that yellow popup comes with some andugudu numbers and alphabets? then you are right it was with me too but it just vanished in one- two days!


will wait few days then post here again, thanks :slight_smile: