Blogger header image not downloadable


friends please help me in some of the blog header have not downloadable option my mean when i am click right click on header then i am not view image only option is for open link . please say how i am do this so people dont download my blogger header image .or when people right click dont option of view image.


@kingmuku, I am unable to understand what you tried to tell us. But I think, you are saying that in some blogs, whenever you right click on the header image, no ‘Open Image in New Tab’ option appear which appear when we right click on any other image. So peoples are unable to download that image. You are saying this. Right?

If yes, then, this is because the blog’s owner putted that image using css. That’s why it is happening. If you want to download such images, then right click on that image and choose inspect element and their, on right side, find a url and hover on it. If you are able to see a preview of that image, then copy that URL and open it in new tab. :smile:

For Chrome Only.


please say how to done this type of header image and @Shivansh please say your blogger link if you have a blog.


I have already told it:

You can check it on on my profile page. Just go to my profile.