Blogger Editor Messes Up Post Formating and disorganizes articles


Hi friends ,

When I went through my old articles , I found one of my article’s format template messed up. I tried retyping the whole article and publishing it again but that specific article seems to remain disorganized. ( Just that article )

Link - ( Scroll down to the end of the page )

I’m unable to figure out the problem . Please help !


your website is different from other i like it everything i have seen in your website it is wonderful wait for muhammad or others they will give you answer of your question


Hi there ,

I’m glad you loved it :smile: Thanks for the compliment :smile: I wish someone could help me out.

See’ya around !


@souravsudhi I think you are deleted the post , I just can’t visit the URL .


No , I have not deleted the page ! Well, that’s yet another error I’m facing. I had used my domain in but now bitly doesn’t redirect to http://www.geekengage,com . Ah !

*I’ve cleared that error :slight_smile:

Now, check the page at -

What might be the error ? This error occurs just for this article.


Hi @souravsudhi, Make sure you are descriptive enough while creating topics/posts. It will help us in understanding you better.

Are you asking why that background is transparent for that one single post, right?

Waiting for your reply,


Hi there Rohan ,

Well, I’m sorry about not getting the things clear. Yes, I’m taking about the transparent background for that single post and the title of that post doesn’t appear. This error doesn’t occur in the post page of that article -


I am sorry but the link you provided doesn’t appear to be working. Are you sure you have not moved/deleted that post?

I am confused what exactly is happening. You want your post to be accessible? Are you able to view that post by clicking the ‘View’ option from your dashboard? If yes, Why is the link not working at my end? [Please have a look into the attached screenshot].

You already tried re-posting and still the problem persists?


Hi Rohan ,

Well, you can easily figure out the the problem existing. Here in this page, , you can find one post that doesn’t follow the format. The title is missing , the article isn’t accessible and the background is transparent. I’m sorry for the link I posted, that was the old url. I had shifted the url. The post looks perfect in the post page. This error occurs just for this post.

You can view the post -


Hi @souravsudhi,

Was it looking the same since or it is just happening with only one post? Did you copy-paste any part of the article?

Edit the post and select all > remove format then re-align your content and re-publish it. This might solve your problem at most extent if any other tweaks were not made to the template so far.


Hi @sasikareti (Sasidhar), Happy to see you coming in to help. @souravsudhi, Once Sasidhar suggested me the same and it did solve my problem so I think it can work. Do try and let us know.


Hi there ,

Well, I tried writing the post from scratch but that’s didn’t help me out.


@souravsudhi The simplest solution is to post via Windows Live Writer only. Blogger Composer messes up the Source code and adds html tags itself which sometimes distorts the original formatting of your content. This happens mostly when you copy stuff from an external editor like MS office. My advise would be to stick to WLW which is a professional tool to organize quality posts

BTW your post is looking fine now, looks like you fixed it :hammer:

Rewriting articles wont help unless you remove the unnecessary Div tags or MS office tags inserted inside posts HTML. Normally the fonts used in MS Word causes a CSS conflict issue because the browsers fails to load them and sometimes custom tags inserted by 3rd Part tags confuses the browser and it fails to display the content properly.


Writing from scratch without clearing the ghostly formats inside the editor of same article won’t help you unless you remove them. This time you don’t need to re-write, just CTRL+A and click on remove format button on the editor. Then re-align the content and publish. It won’t affect you anything at all.


Hi @sasikareti and @Mohammad ,

Well, please take a look at this image. I even tried removing all the post text and html tags and then publish it with just a single character that uses the default formatting.


I would have given you a reference URL of how to do it the right way if I am allowed to post here. Can I @Rohan @souravsudhi


@sasikareti You are allowed to post relevant links. Go on! :slight_smile:


No worries. Share’em ! It might be of some help , @sasikareti :slight_smile:


This is the snippet you need.

The letter T with X mark on it removes formatting to the text and leaves it naked. When you pasted some little info from some where and it if doesn’t matches with your blog’s article formatting type. Simple remove the formatting to that outside content and set local blog’s formatting.

No need of a link for this


Well, I actually tried doing this. But , sadly it doesn’t be of any help. Well, I guess it is some technical problem related to that post id or something else. Ah ! I think I’ll have to re-publish the article as a new post.

Anyway, thanks @sasikareti and @Rohan for taking time to help me out :smile: I’ll be checking out your blog soon and reach out to you guys :slight_smile: