Blogger: Downsides of creating a page vs post


Hello, I am planning to create a list (like a top 10) on my website. The page will be updated frequently, so I’m not sure which type to choose:page or post. I heard somewhere that posts are used for frequently updated things while pages are used for more permanent things. But I don’t really want the date of publishing to appear in the url and google search description since viewers may think the content is outdated. So I was wondering if there are really any downsides to making a page instead of a post. Thanks.


Nope you can create only 100 pages so better go with wordpress, because you can modify the permalink structure in wordpress.


Other than the fact that you will have to make them prominently visible on either your homepage or in the sidebar so that your readers can find them easily (as they won’t be mailed to your reader like the posts are - To overcome this you can use Newsletter apps like MailChimp , TinyLetter , instead of Feedburner or mention them in the posts which go out to your email following ) there aren’t any downsides

And also there is no limits on the number of pages that you can create ( Check )


If i am thinking what you are thinking. You need to create a new page, but you are worried about the stress of updating it. The best way to by-pass it, which i use is Labels.

  1. You can create a new Label called ‘Top 10’, then add the label to any post containing Top 10.
  2. Create a new page and in the page link, use the link for the Label.
  3. That way, when ever someone clicks on the link, it brings out all the Label with Top 10. I really don’t know if you understand me. I would have sent you my blog to check it out, but because of the spamming thing. Feel free to PM me if you don’t really grab. :smile: :thumbsup:


Bro we can only create 20 pages not 100 pages in blogger :wink:

Pls Correct Your Knowledge !!!


I think you should do it. There is no limit of pages. Before it was 100. Read this

Good luck!


Blogger have removed the no. of pages limit on one blog. Its Now “Unlimited”


I am writing this answer, because may be someone also looking for this.

First of I really like the idea about blogger pages, because you have nice permalinks for that. For example (The permalink will automatically generate, as per post title or body paragraph lines, depending on what you wrote first, post title or paragraph).

Here, you can see most of time blogger don’t like the years and months on post URL, so pages are solution for that. But what about the blogger homepage, labels and archive? because all of them are using blog post. If you are going to use pages, then I think, you will no see any post on homepage. Well, if you still going to use then you need to display alternative content in your homepage. And your structure of pages, should be linked with each other, so user can navigate your all blog pages. So bear that kind of stuff before using pages instead of posts.

Another thing is that, Google can use your pages sitemap( to show dates in SERP, so if you are just using pages because of dates in SERP, then may be you will not get, that kind of result.