Blogger DMCA Copyright Complain Report


My Blogger blog post content copy to another person without my permission. I have contact them to delete this content to his blog, but they can’t accepted this violation. Finally I complained Blogger DMCA team. After a days the reply me this kind of email, but I can’t understand what should I do now?

Please help me -


I think they mean the extract or the part which is copied.If its copied fully then notify them.I always Recommend to go with Creative Commons or CopyScape.


Rashid, Give them your blog address and also the other blog owner’s address.

Give the links to the post. If the entire post is copied let them know. If a part of it is copied, specifically let them know what is copied.

Do not lose hope, if you can prove that you posted the content first you will get those copied articles deleted.


@Rashid, Sorry to say, but you cannot delete that post with the help of google (why?).

Because, I think, Google has chosen fools for this work.

Some days ago, I had reported a blog which has copied my article, widgets and all things without credits.

To help them to find that widget, I provided them the URL with id (…/…#HTMLID) but, I got the same message which you have got.

Some days ago, @Mohammad had also shared such experience in which, the whole article was copied but he got the same message.

They are not doing enough for Bloggers. :frowning:


@Shivansh That’s why copyscape can help in this matter I think so !


Blogger and You Tube, both Google Products are the biggest platform for content scrappers and nightmare for others.