Blogger blog Duplicate Meta Tags after switching to new domain


Hi ,I have made in Blogger a blog 5 years ago .Recently I change ,without 301 redirection ,the permalinks for all my posts(223 posts) .Instantly I miss all posts SERPs and Webmaster tools find a lot of duplicate meta descriptions and titles . Example for duplicate meta description: and

My blog is

Can anyone help me to fix those errors .


@Nick Try to remove all the duplicated URL from Google Search Engine by using the Google Webmaster Tool .

Go to Webmaster Tools > Google Index > Remove URLs >

There you can remove the duplicated URLs … Try to remove all of them … Also try to block the URLs using your Robot…Txt .


thanks for the reply . if I delete old posts ,I will loose the old SERP of them? Please can you make an example for robots.txt with my above example?


@Nick that will also do the same thing … But you can put Redirect link on the old Post’s . That will make you get traffic transferred from old post’s to new post’s .

Do the following thing that i denoted through the image …

Help me regarding Domain forwarding

thank you very much .I already tried it and I will see .


Hi again .Duplicate meta titles and descriptions are farmful for google search ranking?


@Nick Yes … It surely effect your Search Engine Ranking


@Nick They are, as Google expect to see unique content only. Though few 2-3% of duplicate title/description won’t have any negative implication, but a large percentage of such content might fall into the category of duplicate content. I recommend you to write unique meta title & description for all blog posts.