Blogger automatically generate og URL


Hello Everyone,

My question is: Blogger automatically generate

:slight_smile:<meta content='' property='og:url'/>:slight_smile:

(credit goes to : all-head-content)

Then :worried:

Why all blogger (including MBT) manually add above meta tag in template. You can check source code of MBT and you can found two meta tag of og:url there.

Please Guide Me


I think adding two meta tags of same name and content will not affect SEO of the blog and thatโ€™s why @Mohammad Bro might have not changed it but you should use only one as it will be best and is default and iโ€™m too using only one og:url meta tag.


Thatโ€™s not any problem to MBT. Blogger recently add this meta data. So every blogger should remove extra meta oga:url


Itโ€™s not about the SEO. Itโ€™s about Facebook Open Graph Debugger. Many bloggers complain: **Facebook Debugger show error of duplicate og:url **. So, this may be help someone.


I donโ€™t think Blogger automatically generate og URL. Why all blogger manually add that meta tag? Maybe because to help their post(s) have better result view when its share on Social Media.


Remove following meta tag from your blogger template and finally test Facebook Open Graph Debugger. I think it must be solve your problem.

<meta expr:content='data:blog.canonicalUrl' property='og:url'/>