Blogger Authors Particular Post


Well come again to all hep forum members. My blogger blog has on more authors. Now I want show all authors post on particular place by using a single link. I think it is possible. If possible please answer me. I have searched internet on many blogger blog, but not found.

Please help me any one -


Maybe you can use labels. Distribute unique labels among the authors.


@Rohan Please Explain more about this. How can I do that…


For each author’s post include a label of their name. Then grab the link of that label. The link will show all the posts written by them.


Thanks Brother. Your thinking is well, but it’s impossible. Because I have too much post on my blog. So I can’t do that. If any other way, plz say me.


I only know about adding label. There seems no other way.


good answer @Rohan … it will definitely work