Blog redirects wheneve i load it either as a guest or admin


pls help my blog keeps redirecting without my permission for over a week now this is the address …pls someone should kindly help me review it and i have also remove all ads and third party widgets from it but it keeps redirecting to an advertisement page


It is not redirecting at this time for me.


which browser do u use?..i use chrome browser and i also noticed it doesn’t redirect when using mozilla firefox


Hi mike, I am using Chrome browser (Version 46.0.2490.86 m). I open your blog and it is not redirecting. Can you tell me the link where it is redirected ? Sometimes it happens when you install unknown plugin.

A few days ago I had same problem like you. When I clicked on my blog, it redirected to another site. It happened only on my Blog (with default Chrome browser) and there was no Ads on my blog. I searched on Google by typing the redirected link and found some solution. They suggest to remove unknown plugin from Chrome. But I had not found any such plugin in my Chrome Extensions.

So I uninstalled Chrome and remove all files, folders (i.e. Google folder) related to Chrome from C:\Users\Your-PC-Name\AppData\Local and then installed Chrome again. And it solve my issue.


it usually redirects to 2 sites… and


You told you removed all ads. But I found Clicksor ads in your blog. It may be a reason that sometimes they use some ads which automatically redirected your blog. Right now I open your blog 3 times.

  1. First time when I click on your blog page a pop up ads open but your blog is not redirected.

  2. Second time, when I open your blog, your blog automatically redirected to another website ( not or

  3. Third time, your blog neither pop up nor redirected to any website.


thanks so much i just got the popup and i have remove it…so its no more redirecting…thanks