Blog Posts Not Showing Up on Blog Page but Showing Up in Homepage


Today when i made some changes in blogger template…Suddenly after, i was shocked to see that my blog posts where only showing on to the homepage and not in the blog page of the website.So if anyone can help me this problem then i would really be thankfull to him because it is not allowing me to continue the work which i love to.I am not finding any solution about this problem.Please help me…This my new blog and i am stucked with this problem…And as i am a new user on this forum i am not allowed to put any link on this page…so i am not able to share the url of my blog in this page…If anyone can suggest me the possible solutions for this problem…then it would be really helpful to me…thank you in advance…


You just delete some code mistakely. If you want to solve this easily then upload the backup template or download the same template again.